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Building generational businesses

Help improve the situation of the company so that it can be an important player in its industry and this by helping the leaders to build a solid company generating profit that can be transmitted in a generational and sustainable way.

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I am Joelle Orvil

CPA, bilingual (English/French) with 15+ experience in the accounting world.

I have worked for large international companies (find out more click here ).


In 2020, I launched the accounting firm JD Orvil, which aims to be a concrete help and a solid partner for companies with a need for structuring in terms of accounting, taxation and finance.

My wish is to see the entrepreneurs with whom I collaborate be successful, efficient while building a generational empire.

We help you


Take the right turn and straighten out your situation for
the better through accounting...


Avoid incurring
unnecessary penalties and charges to plan and structure your tax strategy...


Make decisions about the smooth
running of your business...

The accounting firm JD Orvil wants to be a concrete help and a solid partner for companies with a need for structuring at the accounting, tax and financial level.

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Accounting Services

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For a business to continue to thrive, certain accounting concepts must be part of the structure of your day-to-day activities. A new business must closely monitor its sales and the collection of its accounts receivable. While a more mature company will want to work on its various sales and marketing strategies to establish its notoriety.

Whatever will be the evolutionary phase of your business (Startup; Growth; Maturity and even Decline)

JD Orvil will help you take the right turn and straighten out your situation for
the better.



Accounting Service

  • Audit - Compilation mission

  • Bookkeeping

  • Monthly or quarterly internal financial statements

  • Implementation of cloud accounting system (with Quickbooks or Sage ERP Cloud)

  • Cash Flow Preparation

  • Automation of your paper system, structuring

  • Financial information management (ratios)

  • Revision of the legal form of the company

  • Budget making

  • Establishing strong internal controls (Fraud Prevention)

Start-up service (Price Combos on request)

  • Bookkeeping

  • Relationship with Third Parties: Interaction with government authorities

  • GST/QST declaration (monthly, quarterly, annual)

  • Opening company accounts, bank accounts

  • Registrations for corporate tax numbers, taxes, DAS

  • Payroll Preparation

  • Annual Income Statement



Any company will face sooner or later the tax obligations imposed by our various levels of government.

JD Orvil ensures that the latest important changes to federal and provincial tax laws affecting your business are brought up to speed by quickly rectifying your strategy. We work hard to minimize, within the limits permitted by law, your tax burden by identifying the various avenues of tax savings.

We know that corporate taxation is very complex to understand and that if the rules are not applied according to the standards, they can have unfortunate effects on the growth of your business and on the net profits it may generate. For all these reasons, we adapt our service to each client in order to avoid you suffering unnecessary penalties and charges that could very easily be avoided by having a professional at your side to plan and structure your tax strategy.

Services Offered:


  • Follow-up of GST/QST-DAS accounts and Provisional Installments

  • Preparation of Income Tax Return for Employees ( students, retirees )

  • Preparation of Income Tax Return for Entrepreneurs ( T1/TP1 )

  • Preparation of Income Tax Return for Companies ( T2/CO17 )

  • Rental Income Tax Return Preparation ( T2125/T776 )

  • Tax Disputes and Settlements with Revenue Canada and Quebec

  • Payment agreement negotiations

  • Preparation of Notice of Objection

  • Optimization of tax savings


Consulting and
Support Services


JD Orvil wants to be an informed partner in your decision-making regarding the smooth running of your business. You wish to be supported and to obtain a specific follow-up to certain problems emerging from your company, we can be the solution you are looking for. We offer an à la carte service for tailor-made consultations and support. For all your questions concerning the smooth running of the company:

Consulting Services
  • Advice for start-up companies - Choice of legal form

  • Tax consulting

  • Consultation on ways to minimize personal and corporate taxes

  • Preparation and revision of budgets and financial forecasts

  • Payroll Solution: Comparison of the tax impact between salaries and dividends

Member of Certified professionals accountants

COVID INFO: Due to the situation related to the covid we transact electronically via email before we can contact you by phone

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Gestion JD Orvil Inc.

Montreal, Canada

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