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Incorporated companies

Here is a non-exhaustive list of documents to submit to us to produce your corporate income tax returns


  • Bank statements and Detailed information on the origin of payments and withdrawals

  • Credit card statements and Detailed information on the origin of payments and withdrawals

  • Deposit slips (information on the origin of the amounts deposited in the bank account)

  • List of payments and other amounts received, but not yet deposited in the bank.

  • List of all checks issued, but not yet passed to the bank.

  • Petty cash detail


  • Sales invoices (information on special payment terms)

  • List of amounts to be received from your customers.

  • List of all company assets sold during the period with the sale price.


  • Purchase invoices paid or not.

  • Amounts owed to your suppliers/distributors.

  • Detailed list of all assets acquired since the beginning of the company (purchase date, initial cost, and depreciation detail since purchase)


  • Leases or rental contracts

  • All contracts or agreements concerning the company (clients/suppliers/others)

  • Loan statements or contracts (release letter for all loans repaid 100% during the period)


  • Payroll reports

  • Certificate or investment statements

  • New business

    • Minute book​

    • Acquisition contract

    • Proof of the amount disbursed for the acquisition.

    • Allocation of the acquisition cost to the company's net assets (asset acquisition)

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS – if the bookkeeping is not produced by us.

  • Electronic accounting files (Simple Accounting, Quickbooks, Excel, etc.)

  • GST/QST tax return reports

  • Prior assessment/refund notices for GST/QST taxes


  • Current year's financial statements – If not produced by us

  • Previous year's financial statements – If not produced by us

  • Previous year's corporate income tax returns (Revenue Canada & Revenue Quebec) – If not produced by us

  • Latest assessment notices (Revenue Canada & Revenue Quebec)

  • Provisional installments paid to Revenue Canada & Revenue Quebec

  • All correspondence received from Revenue Canada & Revenue Quebec

  • Certificate of incorporation - new incorporation

CHANGES: Please let us know of any changes at the company and shareholder level. Here is a list of the most common changes.

  • Change in the shareholding situation of the company in question or any other company in which a shareholder has a stake.

  • Change of company address

  • Change in the number of full-time or part-time employees.

Please fill the form using a desktop or laptop

Tax Questionnaire



Section1. Personal Information

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Section2. Children

If you do not have dependent children, please check the following box and go to section 3

Please indicate the children in your care in 2023: (If some have income, please attach the information)

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Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Section 3- Residence

Note: To be considered a first residence, you and your spouse must not have been the owner or co-owner of a dwelling in which you lived during the last 5 years (including 2023).

Certain rules apply in cases where there is a change in marital status during the year

Upload File
Upload File

Section 4. – United States Residency

How many days did you stay in the United States between 2021 and 2023? If N/A, check the box. Note: To determine if American form 8840 should be produced.

Note: If you are an American citizen or a green card holder, you must produce the following forms: 1040, 8891, FBAR, 8938.

SECTION 5. Medical Expenses

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SECTION 6. RRSP and HBP (Home Buyers' Plan)

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Thanks for submitting!

Tax Questionnaire Part 2

Section7. – Senior Citizens

Note: You can defer your OAS for up to 5 years. You will therefore receive a larger amount in the future.

If you were not 70 years old or older on December 31, 2023, please skip to section 8.

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Upload File
Upload File
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Section 8. Capital Gain

Upload File

Section 9. Rental Revenue

Upload File

Note: We strongly advise you to use the template available on our website (

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SECTION 10. Self-employed and self-employed professionals

(This section does not apply to incorporated persons. If you did not earn any income as a self-employed worker or professional, please skip to section 11.

Upload File

Note: We strongly advise you to use the template available on our website (

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Note: For more information, visit the Useful Documents section of our website (

SECTION 11. Employment Expenses

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Upload File

SECTION 12. Foreign income and property

Section 13. Other

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Note: These documents are obtained electronically via the student's school portal.

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I hereby confirm that the information on this form is accurate, and I agree to transact confidential documents by email.



  • To enable us to proceed with the preparation of your personal tax returns, this section must be signed before transmitting the taxes to the government.

  • Knowing that a penalty of up to $2,500 may be imposed by the CRA for non-filing or non-compliant filing of form T1135, I hereby confirm that at no time in 2019 did I hold "foreign assets" whose total cumulative tax cost exceeded $100,000 expressed in Canadian dollars.

  • I confirm that I have reviewed the foreign assets covered and those that are not, on pages 3 and 4 of form T1135 available on the CRA's website.

  • I also confirm that if filing form T1135 is necessary, I understand and agree that additional fees will be required to produce it in accordance with individual income tax law.


  • Shares of foreign companies listed on the stock exchange are part of foreign assets, even if they are held with a Canadian broker. However, if they are held in an RRSP, RRIF, LIF, TFSA, RESP, or RDSP, you do not have to include them in the list for form T1135.

  • Units or shares of a mutual fund (residing in Canada) do not have to be included in foreign assets for form T1135, even if the mutual fund holds many foreign securities.

  • A condo in Florida used exclusively for personal purposes (and not for rental purposes) is not part of the foreign assets covered by form T1135

Thanks for submitting!

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