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Tax Services in Quebec, Canada

Any company will face sooner or later the tax obligations imposed by our various levels of government.

JD Orvil ensures that the latest important changes to federal and provincial tax laws affecting your business are brought up to speed by quickly rectifying your strategy. We work hard to minimize, within the limits permitted by law, your tax burden by identifying the various avenues of tax savings.

We know that corporate taxation is very complex to understand and that if the rules are not applied according to the standards, they can have unfortunate effects on the growth of your business and on the net profits it may generate. For all these reasons, we adapt our service to each client in order to avoid you suffering unnecessary penalties and charges that could very easily be avoided by having a professional at your side to plan and structure your tax strategy.

Services Offered:

  • Follow-up of GST/QST-DAS accounts and Provisional Installments

  • Preparation of Income Tax Return for Employees (students, retirees)

  • Preparation of Income Tax Return for Entrepreneurs (T1/TP1)

  • Preparation of Income Tax Return for Companies (T2/C017)

  • Rental Income Tax Return Preparation (T2125/T776)

  • Tax Disputes and Settlements with Revenue Canada and Quebec

  • Payment agreement negotiations

  • Preparation of Notice of Objection

  • Optimization of tax savings

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